What Clients Say

Highly Recommended

As a physician, I have always felt like I was on the down side of politics. Somehow, in our extensive schooling, the essential tools which we need to succeed and make the work environment pleasant are not taught to us. Donna has listened carefully to my difficulties and has helped me devise plans in order to deal with the difficult situations that arise with other physicians, ancillary personnel, and patients. Her coaching has never been short of outstanding and I would highly recommend her services.

A Radiation Oncologist

You Saved My Life

This has been a life changing year. I wish I had been aware of coaching a long time ago. I also can see how coaching could improve the lives of many physicians. It’s a stressful job and we are not really trained to deal with the stress. You have saved my life … work and play have never been so much fun.

An Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Enhanced My Leadership Skills

Working with Donna was a journey into my character I had never participated in before. It has truly changed me and significantly enhanced my leadership skills!

A Pediatrician

Paths to Greater Understanding

This was a wonderful experience. Donna made it easy for me to learn about myself, and to find paths to gain greater understanding and greater fulfillment from what I do.

An Anesthesiologist

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