What I Do

I help healthcare professionals cope with increasingly complex job responsibilities, and improve their leadership and interpersonal skills.

How my clients come to me

My clients typically come to me in one of three ways:

  • Individuals are encouraged to call me by their supervisors. Sometimes it’s a Human Resources Director or Medical Director who sets this in motion.
  • I’m called to a hospital, clinic, or group practice to help with change in general, or to help remedy a conflict involving one or more individuals. This often leads to one-on-one work as well.
  • People seek me out themselves.

Areas we can work on

I help clients address issues and improve skills and behaviors in three main areas:

Interpersonal skills

  • Eliminating disruptive behavior
  • Managing stress and anger
  • Changing a “command and control” style
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Managing conflict
  • Developing/maintaining positive relationships

Leadership skills

  • Coping with increasingly complex responsibilities
  • Developing a leadership presence
  • Improving team work and collaboration
  • Mastering communication skills
  • Managing, Leading, Delegating, Influencing
  • Managing time and increasing productivity
  • Inspiring trust
  • Developing a flexible leadership style

Dealing with transition

  • Adapting to change in a work environment
  • Accommodating imposed changes
  • Assessing readiness for change
  • Assuming new responsibilities
  • Creating career options
  • Figuring out your life purpose
  • Finding time for family and fun
  • Preparing for “retirement”

Why I do this work

There are two main reasons why I do this work, and why I focus on coaching healthcare professionals:

  • I believe that healthy and self-aware doctors, nurses, and administrators are more likely to ensure patient safety and provide quality patient care.
  • Many excellent healthcare professionals, faced with today’s pressures, begin to consider leaving the profession. I like to think that through coaching they will be more likely to continue their important work and will be happier and more effective doing it.

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